Hours of Operation
Mon - Tues - Thurs: 5:30am - 9:00pm
Wed - Fri - Sat: 5:30am - 10:00pm
Sunday: 6:00am - 3:00pm

About Us

When you enter Ramsey’s Restaurant it is a step back in time. It is one of the last old school diners, and that is the appeal!  Where the staff know most of the customers by name, and you are always welcomed with a smile. Where customer service still means something and you can still find a coffee shop like the good ol’ days.  This is where the locals catch up with each other.

It is come as you are; and everyone is always welcome, whether dressed for the office or uniformed employees coming in from a shift, at one of the local plants. Dr.’s, nurses, and medical personnel in scrubs, real estate agents, lawyers, judges, and city officials in suits, they all rub elbows and run into someone they know. State representatives, railroad commissioners, political candidates running for governor, cattle ranchers, cowboys, the coffee drinkers and regulars, and so many others have walked through the doors over the years. Pro baseball players, a retired NFL football coach, a couple movie stars and on occasion a well known country music singer have all been spotted dining at the nostalgic café.

Many business deals have been negotiated here, and this is where a handshake still creates a high level of trust. It is eclectic, fun, and always interesting! You never know who you might see.

Ramsey’s Restaurant was established in 1948 by Jess and Minnie Ramsey. They owned other successful restaurants in Victoria, and were dedicated to serving great food with excellent customer service.

They eventually moved Ramsey’s from the original location to its current address on Navarro Street in 1968. Jess Ramsey passed away after many years of dedicated food service and Mrs. Ramsey continued their vision. Eventually the ever growing popularity of the restaurant and the increasing workload it took to run it, Mrs. Ramsey decided to lease out the business. She was never satisfied with the quality given by the new management and after several attempts, always took the restaurant back over. In 1995 she made the decision to finally sell the restaurant, as long as she could find the right person to take it over and keep up her standards.

Mrs. Ramsey’s contacted a local real estate agent and let her know she was now ready to sell the business. With just a conversation over the phone the current owner Derel Reaves was curious enough to drive down from where he lived in Houston, and visit the restaurant, on the off chance that this might be the opportunity he had been looking for. After just a few minutes sitting on one of the stools at the coffee shop counter and talking to the customers and staff, it was obvious Ramsey’s was a gem. Everything about it just felt right. From the old 1950’s trazzle floors, to the coffee shop with the ranchers drinking coffee and gossiping, the volume of people coming in and out, and the ease and flow of a charming country family diner, it was perfect! Derel purchased the restaurant from Mrs. Ramsey, and their friendship and mutual respect continued for many years as they talked business and discussed restaurant management styles.

Originally from Victoria, Derel had settled in Houston after finishing college and becoming a manager and staff trainer for a well known, high volume, restaurant chain. Seventeen years later he knew that he wanted to buy a restaurant of his own and he started looking for one to buy in his hometown of Victoria. Fast forward many years later and he is still running Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey’s greatest business success with the same standards they started with and striving to continue their legacy of hard work and dedication. One of the Ramsey’s original cooks; Minnie Goode is still running the kitchen and is the heart and soul of so many of the recipes that are loved by loyal customers.

Come join us, we look forward to meeting you, and saying hello. We are cooking up good stuff just for you each day!